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I am passionate about therapy and how it can improve people’s lives. My inquisitiveness
in human psyche and  in how to help  people who struggle has led me to acquire degree
in  Psychology  from  Volgograd  State  Pedagogical  University, and  Masters  Degree in
Community  Guidance  and  Counseling from The  University of Texas at  El Paso. I have
completed  all  the  requirements  and  become  licensed  as  Professional Counselor by
Oregon  Board  of  Licensed  Professional  Counselors  and  Therapists (C2566)  and as
Mental Health Counselor by Washington State Department of Health (LH60252271).

I believe in continuous personal and professional growth. I regularly attend professional
trainings to deepen my knowledge and sharpen my skills.

Being tri-lingual (Russian/Spanish /English) and highly competent in cultural diversity has
helped  to  offer  support  to  individuals  and  couples  from  former  Soviet  Union,  Latin
America, US and various European and Asian countries.

My main therapeutic approaches are CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Humanistic   
Therapy. However, my training as psychologist and counselor allows me the flexibility and
creativity to draw on a  wide  range of  psychological  theories and clinical evidence and to
integrate other therapeutic models to the individual needs of my clients.